Reviews for "The King's League"

lol had all talented people

all wizard priest crusaider crossbow even the midnight one lol beat it up class s

I have beat it

This the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic game

It was really awesome to play
i wish i could give it a 100000/100000 but i can't
also here are some personal stats:
My gold and food right now= 485275 money 590712 food
102 completed quests
all level 5 characters ( i have six recruited )
1900 score
also i won against the king 5 times already ^^
spend only like 2 hours on it
and won tournament on 2nd try
anyway this game is really really good
should have been number 1 of the week.

Has potential

Pretty much train to win, unsure what to do after beating all cities and the tournament other than the king appearing. Can only keep training to raise the highscore.

Fun otherwise.
I'd try adding more team mates (with a minimum of 6). Had 1 champ, 1 rare wizard guy, knight(with the polearm) and bowman. pretty much win everything.
Also joining the first tournament was hella hard to win (but got 3rd).

Maybe add a choice to train before joining? the tutorial lead me to join it, without knowing how strong the enemies are around the end of the tourny.

hard to understand at first,,,,,,

then once uve got the hang of it. it is nice! :)