Reviews for "The King's League"


I could not stop THIS GAME WAS SO DAMN ADDICTIVE THT IM GONNA PLAY IT MORE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




It wuz hard at the beginning. I even wanted to quit. But after i found out about the Super Charecters I beat th egame in no time))

good game

i dont know what everyone was complaining about. the money issue was easy to maintain. i built up a reserve and went on missions every time it popped. i had 40k+ by the end of the game with 4 lvl 5 characters.
now to the game, it was fun and the different classes made it interesting, i found the cleric to be abit usless but i dont go for healing.
there was not very much diversity in the actual game itself but it made for a fun quick game.
maybe if there was a sequal some rare items could help, and a bit more expansion on the maps.
overall couldnt really fault it.

fun little game

this is a really good game nice style and was good just for wasting time