Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


I really enjoyed this one better than the other KOLM game, But I agree with Aquabreeze... give the sister a name. I hope you make another! (=


Mother's a bitch xD
I love the game.

A nice continuation with a few issues

Okay, so it's not as good as the original. And it's shorter. And There were some consistency issues; for instance, if you're going to give Robby all his power-ups from the old game, you should've given him the invulnerability power from the very end of the first game (or at least invulnerability to the minions). And the ending was... lacking. Why not, instead of the grim, cliffy-type ending you wrote for this one, why not have them escape to the surface, like Robby did in the first game? At the end where the parents are waiting, there could be some power-up there that allows for Robby to be in sunlight for as long as he likes? Then they could escape their parents and run to the surface. If there's a KOLM III, then it doesn't matter as much, but if not, then that's kind of a really bad way to end the story.

All of this being said, it is a nice and believable continuation to the KOLM story. I like the sister (although she needs a name) and I love when she and Robby work together. You can really tell that they have a strong bond, through their voice acting, and your writing, which is as good as ever.

So, overall, it's... mixed. I'm giving it a 9 because not only is it the same style as the original (which is always a plus for me), it's similar enough to the original to be a believable sequel, with nicely complex characters (except seriously, give the sister a name.) and the mystery, intrigue, and dark, ominous feel of the first game are just as present as before. I really hope you do a third game, where this story is continued. Keep up the good work.

Seriously though, please give the sister a name?


It is better than the old KOLM, without losing any of its uniqueness ... especially the camera tilting and the blur effect, together with the background noises make a really good ambience ... the guiding system spares you from disappointments, and i've been playing just for 10 minutes...



Not bad but not as good as the first one...