Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


It is better than the old KOLM, without losing any of its uniqueness ... especially the camera tilting and the blur effect, together with the background noises make a really good ambience ... the guiding system spares you from disappointments, and i've been playing just for 10 minutes...



Not bad but not as good as the first one...

Fun but not as great as the first

Lets start off by saying I love Metroidvania style games. This one just wasnt the same. You had all the powerups from the first, and there were only like 3 new items. Then backtracking into the old area, was dissapointing because it was all a breeze due to you having all the powerups from there. I saw a lot of new potential for the game when I got the power to walk in sunlight, but then the game fell flat. Hopefully you will do a third one and make it more like the original.


However, there are slight problems with splitting - once you die
or split in a room, you can't undo the splitting!... You better do
something about it... Except for that I'm completely amazed, can't
wait for the third... Does anyone know what the plates say in the end?...

Amazing, even if it's a cliffhanger

While this game doesn't take as long to complete as the first one (let's face it, he can triple jump, shoot almost everything down, can move freely underwater, etc. There's not much else he can do), the storyline makes up for it. Very riveting plot, and the end...let's just say, wow. Just wow. Probably not the end, though, our little robot has the ever popular ability to respawn himself, after all. The next game would probably start off in that room you see at the end of the credits or soemthing.