Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Will be finishing this...

Maybe it's for an older audience, but it really touched home an virtually every speech bubble. And yes the music was awesome. Controls seemed balanced enough to me...

I feel tricked...

Although I found the clock story a but more dark, I preferred the nicer story, but that's beside the point. I feel quite cheated because I spent forever replaying the game thinking if I cleared all the levels with the clock I would gain level 8. Why can't I find level 8?! I want to know so badly, because this is by far the best game of its genre I have ever played. At times I was on the verge of tears, but I did have constant goosebumps because it was so deep especially going to college in another state; it struck a nerve because I really miss my mom and I couldnt imagine not knowing since I really do dominate the conversation. Point being, I love this game to the point that my frustration runs deep. I want level 8 so badly...

I wanted to rate one less for it but I can't bring myself to do so... if someone could email me the level 8 solution I would forever be grateful. My email is bcarter333@ymail.com


Havent logged in in years.. had to review.

This game is pretty awesome man. very artistic. yes the engine isnt cutting edge and the game felt slow. but real games, and good games arent action packed and bloody. Real games are works of art. and this game was a work of art. the smoke dialogue was awesome. thoughts going through the characters head as they progressed through memories and dreams. This reminded me a lot of a very popular game called Cloud. This game was solid. great music, great artistic value, its obvious you were going for art on this game. so graphics and engine arent important. The controls were simple. a gorrila could play this game effectively. Great game man.

done very nicely!

ok no lie this is a very great game!! the sound track is also what kept me playing! i would really like to know the song you used for this. other than that i love this game!
10 stars and 5 out of 5!

Only one word

Only one word can give the creator his due