Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Good Game

What do i have to do in the moon level on the highest/deepest plattform? There is no hint and i always just see me dying. This little issue spoiled the game for me at the end, 'til it was entertaining through the whole game so far.

Such a beautifull story Q_Q

Be it fiction or not I relate to the story very well. My mom had some rare cancer that only 10 of 9'000'000 people a year suffers from... but now 4 years after the removal of that 3 kg tumor we think she is cured.

On another note, I didnt find the eight level :P and although it was fun to play and the music was great I dont feel like playing it all again just to find that one.

Niftily Awesome

Very well done game, I'd say. I'm not gonna critique this to hell, so move on if ya looking for that kind of review xD

I have to say, though, just reading the Candle-line text felt very familiar to what I experienced with my dad passing (he passed away the summer before I left for college). Needless to say, I felt touched by this game.

My only criticism would be the player finding out how to use the flight mechanic properly. It took me a good solid few minutes to realize how to get maximum fly height, and how to manipulate it for some of the obstacles you devised.


i just dont get it...


lurv the engin and feel of it all :) ty