Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

good story line nice music a bit difficult but worth it.

Amazing, and very touching. I can relate strongly to this, i nearly cried at each section of the story.

I... This is... It's so deep... I cried at one moment, I swear...


This was a Truly Heart warming and Soul Caring game to enjoy it brought my so much nostalgic feelings and the music was Perfect..

Very deep and immersive

Alight (In Dreams) is a true masterpiece in gaming. Not only does it provide traditional and challenging platform gameplay with the addition of three different choices per level that affect the difficulty, but as a work of art it goes far beyond most other games I've played in my life. A simple but very deep story that sucked me in paired with very well thought poetic phrases, as well as the great fitting music, is what kept me glued to the screen playing this game for hours trying to achieve every possible outcome. I think I hadn't cried in years, but congratulations, Chris and Joel - this did the trick. Being able to translate a raw emotion into any kind of art is a very complex task, but you guys achieved it flawlessly, so here's a well-deserved 10 for you, although I only regret not being able to rate this higher. Keep up the good work!