Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

i feel emotions!

omg...this is beatiful! i feel the gAme in many ways, both happy and emotion full too!
thx 4 this game... i havent played thru the wole game, but is this true stories?


This is pretty much the deepest NG game ever made. I love it and always will respect the person who knows how to tell a quality story through games.

Tips and Game Review :D

If your new playing this game DON'T Spam the UP/Space Bar key
All you need to do is Press Up and Hold UP and Hold again So you can fly High :D
And For Beginners You need to Get the Feather First cause the feather is the easiest one :D and if you want it hard take the Clock cause it has A timer when the time alarmed "BOOOM" XD

Game Review~

Character 9/10
Music 9/10
Platform 10/10
Wings 1000/10
Challenge 10/10
Graphics 10/10

If you putted a Navigator map on this game it might be epic :D and when you hit a black bird the sound is kinda creepy but its fine and If you improve the background music a little bit and it will be the coolest game ever :D

Perfect Angel controls

Platformers starring angels have what I call 'flight dilemma'. If the character has limitless flight, then the game would not be challenging. If the flight is too limited, it would seem pointless to give the angel his wings in the first place. This is why a certain angel from Nintendo took so long to make his revival. Hate to say it, but what you came up with is really giving them a run for their money.
When you make a game that Nintendo should take notes from,
you have done something special.


I loved the story so much; it left a certain chilling sensation when I finished the game. Very well done!