Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

thats epic

this game is realy epici would love to finish it some time but i dont have the time right now :/ but realy great

Great storyline

But as same as the other reviewers, it's more story and less a game... I find the challenges very hard for doing, but that's fine- a game should be challenging.
Ooh, and I was really full of pity when you said: "I thought that my mother was just an invention and not a real person, and maybe someday when I will come back home she will dissappear..." not exact, but you thrilled me and triggered me to see the continue of the story. I hope that's not bask on a true story!


This is pretty much the deepest NG game ever made. I love it and always will respect the person who knows how to tell a quality story through games.

This rocks

I don't know how you do it but you do.. this is top notch, beautiful and awesome. Congratulations and thank you for making it!


I loved the story so much; it left a certain chilling sensation when I finished the game. Very well done!