Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


Fun, challanging, and extremely thought-provoking. I nearly cried, it was so heart-wrenching. Incredible game, I throughly enjoyed playing through it all.

Bothered by Level 8 though, sadly enough I don't grasp exactly what happened.

OMG !!

I dont have nothing to say only awesome !!!!

Awesome + Respect

I completely agree with LordRahlOfDhara, this game is awesome, even I haven't ever created flash because I don't know how to mess with it, but I still respect these games. These trolls should try to complete the game before saying something, maybe they didn't even cleared the first level and then blame the game for their weakness, if they can't clear a game, go practice and try again. I also liked the music in this game. Respect! 5/5 & 10/10


Nice game! I'll go and visit my mom now.

Amazing, and very touching. I can relate strongly to this, i nearly cried at each section of the story.