Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


it doesn't work? wtf? please tell me how to make this game work? if it worked i would've given it a higher score!

Great game

*Unique, enjoyable gameplay. I expected this to be a "create your own robot from a bunch of parts" dress-up-type game, but instead it's an actual game with a lot of skill involved XD
*Lots of endings to get, with most of them being completely unexpected and frankly bizarre
*Great artwork

*When all the parts drop and scatter and bounce around, sometimes it's all too easy for the part you want to overlap with another part, so you can't collect it without accidentally replacing a part you've already got. This means you then have to chase that part around the screen for the next few seconds before it disappears and you have to collect it again.
*There should have been more bonuses ocne you've completed the game

Overall, a fun little game. 5/5 9/10.

test-object responds:

Thank you for your review. We would love to have given a bigger bonus, but hey, tight schedules are a pain.

lol xD

i loved it the robots were fun to find

no point

in the game...boring...doesnt hold my interest at all. Maybe a little more thought into it.

test-object responds:

Aw, sad to hear that. You have any critique that might improve it?

haha pretty awesome.

I was demterminded to get that green bot and i gott em!

very fun I loved it, as soon as Toms online ill have approve the medals n stuff

great work!

test-object responds:

Who are you and why are you reviewing this D: