Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"

You made me waste almost an hour of my life...

Man, and I did enjoyed every moment. Simple, clean and fun. Nice Job

Really nice...

Just one question
¿Eres mexicano, porque estaría chingon tener un compa por estos rumbos?

test-object responds:

Not Mexican, mate :p


Strangely addictive. Nice gameplay, good visuals and sounds. Needed to get all the medals!

Haha, cool.

It's simple and nice. Good time-waster.

Liked: The character, he was cute and well designed. The whole art style was consistent. I very much enjoyed finding the right parts, a great sense of achievement when I did.
Disliked: I can see this becoming boring after a while, and so does the music.

To Improve (If you make a sequel): Good game! Try to make the stages a bit harder and make it so only parts of a certain group of unrelated, random robots appear. Maybe a skin chooser (possibly even playing as robots you unlock).

test-object responds:

We'll try making more changes as you progress in future projects. Thanks for the helpful review : )


very nice game, might work on diffrent minor and simple aspects to make the game more fun because after the 5th robot it seemed a bit repetitive. but most of all my biggest advice is dont listen to troll comments that say your game is retarded. Your game is in fact not retarded and every one can prove that with that little minus button below the comments of the troll's comments

test-object responds:

It being repetitive is a comment I see a lot in reviews. We'll make sure that won't happen again ^^