Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


Guys this is awesome! Everyone did well and I like how it turned out at the end!
I like the detail on all robots and the endings are very nice. I hope to collab with you again!

Average game

The controls are way to sluggish if this game is supposed to be about speed and precission. Futhermore, the game is to small to view properly so you keep grabbing wrong parts ><

test-object responds:

As I said in the author comments; there is full-screen support.
You can see everything in great detail there ; )


all robot is beautiful machine

bettest robot is peglay and that green


Nice game. I realy like robots and this game is awsome! Realy liked robots, all of the are awsome

Great game

The graphics were very nice
the gameplay was great the jokes were good too
the music was a bit funny
And of course the robots were awesome