Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"

So-so, Meh, Ehhhhhhhh...

I played maybe 5 characters to full (not entirely sure how to describe progression in this game) before I decided I knew what this game was. Sure, it's more challenging then your standard dress-up, but that doesn't mean it isn't just a prettier one. The first level plays out exactly the same as the last one, with you hunting down shiny objects. After awhile I realized that trying to absorb specific pieces before grabbing them was pointless, so I ended up just hammering the space bar anytime I got near anything purple, or orange, or grey. But multiple robots are grey, which complicated things immensely for me, and wasted my time.

Other then the fact that the inertia controls horribly, the fact that that there is only one level that repeats to infinite, and the fact that there is only one way to win, i.e. completing a set, there is NO room in the design for the most fun part of it all. The part where you go, "screw it!" and you create the most badass robot ever. This is not only not in the game itself, it is DISCOURAGED by the time limit. Not good.

All in all, a game that isn't worth more then 20 minutes of your time, unless you care about 5 point medals THAT MUCH.

test-object responds:

There is no time limit. We open up the choice of messing around for good fun. You can also keep space bar pressed down.

Medals and art...

I really love medals ... and this game got a lot of them... so i tried it.
I am no friend of reading instructions ... so all i do is look which keys are necessary and start to figure out what this game is about.

First: no long introduction (i dont like reading why or bla you have to do stuff... i started the game, so its obvious, that i got to do something - why i have to do this doesn't matter - GOOD THING you keept intro short.

Second: Gameplay sucks. Sorry to say this. Although you get used to his jet-pack after some practise, it still is hard to control. And if you move in the wrong direction at first, you can nearly forget to get the item you where surching for.
-> Advice: maybe you can put an upgrade-option into it (like: more time items keep on screen / hook to grab items via mouse (WASD-instead of arrowkeys)...

Third: Rewards are nice drawn. And their fun-factor is prety good. I liked them - although i have hoped for a little video when i got both TurkeyOnAStick.

Tiny stuff: Would be nice if you could start building next bot just after you watched your new drone - and not to go to main menu and restart at "play" (at first it confused me, cause i thought i would start complete over again).

All in all:
nice game - when you got used to controls and when you understand what its about and why there are lamps and what they mean. (A tiny tutorial would help i guess - just a level where only stuff of ONE bot drops).

To bad your drone didnt got into the game. It looked really nice! (But i guess this advanced game would get increadible hard to play if you would have to watch that guard too.

5/5 (i liked it !) but only 7/10 cause controling and missing tutorial

test-object responds:

Thank you so much for the helpful review, we'll keep an eye on it next time <3

Decent for what it is

This was an interesting game to play because it took awhile to understand what was going on. As you didn't have any setup for what the robots looked like, you just had to go with similar colors. I thought it was funny how the purple robot I assembled was actually by accident. I had all pieces except for the head. The one that I picked didn't even look like a head at all. You really have to experiment with this game and see how accurate you are with the green lights.

It was funny to have a pokeball be one of the things that gave out robot parts. Yeah, it is similar to the stuff MindChamber has worked on. The music is pretty nice and it's great that you have such good mobility over your character and where you can go. It's the kind of thing you can spend hours with collecting medals. Lil Jose looks so stupid and eager.

test-object responds:

Lol, thanks a lot, Ericho, glad you liked it :)

So much wrong, I dunno where to begin

This game really goes to show you that you need more than great art to make a game that's fun. For starters, the in-game instructions are incredibly vague and even after I figured out what I was supposed to be doing, I realized I wasn't having any fun.

The controls suck, the character is as slow as a handicapped turtle and how the hell am I supposed to know which parts match which parts when I've never seen the completed robots to know what they look like?

Not only that, it's hard to tell what ANYTHING is when it's just bouncing around wildly. It all looks like the same junk to me, until I actually grab it to see what it is. And even the parts that I understand are too hard to catch because the controls are just terrible. You move so slow that you're basically relying on luck to grab any parts. And then since there's so many parts bouncing around, you might end up picking the wrong one.

Just-- terrible. Everything about this game, other than the actual designs of the robots, was done wrong. The useless flying up to the top of the screen to get more parts, the blind ambling around to try and gather parts together, the sheer un-fun of it all.

test-object responds:

We think you are getting lag. Try changing quality. Also, not knowing how the robots look is quite the whole point of the game. You have to experiment and figure out yourself. The character is slow, but that is also a choice we purposely made. Time your flight, and you should get the hang of it.

sooo funny

finished the game and got all the medals and robots...very good jokes there with the robot's but the best wa that with the teddy bear...manXD...that was hillariousXD