Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"

Well...not that I don't like where your going....

But....'where' are you going with this?

How am I suppose to build a proper matching robot if I don't know what the robot's suppose to look like!?

Also, it's kinda a pain having to accurately grab pieces flying and bouncing, you've got a nearly perfect match and BOOM, you mess up the whole thing desperately trying to reclaim your arm only to misplace the head and torso.

It's a very unstructured game overall.

test-object responds:

The main goal is to find out how the robot's are structured in the first place. We made you drop your piece when you pick up a replacing one so you have a second chance to pick it up and don't lose it immediately. Thanks for the review though. We'll take it into mind next time. We also recommend using full-screen. It lets you see the parts in greater detail, making it easier.

My ending

what the fuck... great game anyway

test-object responds:

Sorry, NicKoLa93 :||3

Mexican Robot

Yeah just the perfect and funny robot game! i really like all the endings and the music is not too bad...in fack is really good. and "Renaenae" is really HOT XD.... nice game!! i luv it. and yes the medals is a good idea.

test-object responds:

We appreciate your pleasure :)

Neat little game

A little more explanation of what the goal is would be nice. It seemed to work well, except for one little sound glitch: When I got the last piece to a robot while in the air, while the jetpack sound was playing, it got stuck on, even on the menu.

test-object responds:

We'll look into that glitch. Thanks for the review ^^

It was good but...

Dude everything was fine until i complete everything just to find out the bonus is a "deleted content"...