Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


cool game


This is a very awesome game! great work on the endings, i loled hard at a couple of them!


Dis is fun times :>
Hehe, I actually enjoy this very much and I get sucked in more and more when I unlock a new robot.
I love the stories behind them, the parodies are spot on.
Great design, no glitches, fun concept.
Only complaint is how slow Jose moves but I suppose you try to be realistic with the whole jetpack part. Though when he runs on the ground, he's just as sluggish. Idk maybe it's better for the difficulty of it all...I'll still give this a 10.
Kudos. ;)

test-object responds:

Thanks a lot, I'll talk to Tharos about the running speed, maybe he can fix it.

Gotta catch em' all :D

Great job guys!I think Jose' would be proud.The endings were fantastic and some (NicKoLa93) mildly disturbing but that's what makes this game awesome.

test-object responds:

You would build a robot for the exact same reason, don't lie :3


Great job guys, love what you did with the endings! :D