Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


Fun game although I wish I could keep that badass Lion head for ever.

test-object responds:

You got the medal, you can always revisit it :3


Got all the medals. Awesome art, but mine. Lol, I did it only on paint. I would like to participate in another collab you organize in the future. This time I'll do some bad ass work!
The endings were the best part.

Both thumbs up for you, for Tharos and for the rest of the guys/girls who participated in this collab. Good job, peeps.

The Medals kept me - but also not for long

It's an okay game - I guess the problem with it is, you just put an absolute simple task like "match the pictures" in a not very inspiring game concept.

I played just for achievement's sake but even that became too boring after a while. In my opinion it's not worth the effort, just to see pictures of robots.
Sorry, but it was an okay game. Played far worse!

test-object responds:

Aw, hurts me to hear that. Thank you for the review though.

greatly creepy

the first robot i made laid a baby, the creepy bizarre humor is enjoyable. very original man!


i thouhgt this was going to be build your robot and fight stuff or something like thAT AND THEN UPGRADE STUFF but then its this :(