Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

Damn dude, good game!

Just gonna say the same as everybody else. I loved it since 2011 and I thank you so much for creating this gem <3

This and No One Has To Die are the 2 god tier flash games in all internet

I played this game back in June of 2011, and here I am now back playing it again. What a treasure and the impact it's left on me throughout my life.

By far the best flash RPG story wise.
The story is pure gold... gameplay is pretty simple and could be better, but it does what it should. Art is not a complete gold, but again - good enough.

This is certainly a must play for any person who can enjoy some heavy reading and a good story.

about every 2 years i come back to this game, its like re-reading the harry potter books or watching all the lord of the rings , just good to see old friends , ive been haveing a really really bad week and needed a 10 hour day of this, whoever created this wonderful game, thank you from the bottom of my heart .