Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

very nice and challenging game :) very nice gfx


At Start, i though this game was a really lame, easy going game made by an n00b.... But Oh Boy, I was so wrong! This game had Lots and Lots of interesting Situations, and niuances.
there was so many choices to make i say ! i just loved the ending, which gave a lot to think about... Personally, i choosed to not grant any wish. It was mainly because restoring a planet, would just make our dear panda regret what he did even more, and also it wouldn't make a change in his life, because no one would be on that planet... (the most concerning one) really, i though No one needed a thing there... i really wanted to grant that wish she said she would have (the Star)
I was really surprised to see her as a human !

After all of it, i really want to say that this is one of the best games ever. the only thing i hated, was the same bosses and patterns. only the End time gave me some hard time.

It leaves me with rating your work 4.5 ! keep up the good work!

Absolutely without a doubt one of the best rpg's that I have ever played. The gameplay is decent enough and is nothing special, but where the game truly shines is the story. God, where do I begin? The characters are absolutely phenomenal; This is one of those rpg's where I actually care about the characters, along with their wishes, needs, desires and so on. Each character has such a distinct and unique personality, and they are all memorable in their own ways that make them completely unforgettable. The story is beautifully done, and I always found myself continuing to play on, because the story had me hooked by it's talons. Overall, this is an underrated rpg that is wonderfully executed in almost every way and I won't be forgetting about the great adventure that this game toke me in any day soon.

This is an amazing game i was about to finish it when i restarted because i wanted to choose different upgrades and such 10/5 yes i just gave it 200% so what its a GREAT game keep it up

I have less than zero interest in this game's useless platitudes, and the shooter gameplay itself, while UNDENIABLY competent, was boringly average.

The concept for the story was pretty damned cool, though.
And apart from the Skyfish being able to shoot down a capital ship, most of the events in the story made good sense.
That's fucking phenomenal.

The characters were pretty cool, too.
I liked 'em all, especially Neferiti, and Ginny was adorable.
Dedai's ending was the one I picked first time around and the only non-special ending I've gotten, but... dat adorable Ginny, man.

Her adorable-ness alone made me take the trouble to knock down hard mode for the sake of the special ending, so I guess you did a good job with the characterisation.

Have a 5 for the concept, the story and the characters - and have nothing deducted because of the gameplay, since it was well designed enough to be completely inoffensive.

But yeah, no.

Fuck "the message", Deuce should have wished for godhood and remade the universe in his own image, for shits and giggles.