Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

Not gonna lie I shat myself when I saw the final boss.

ok now to make the correct review over this game
first of all i love this game without a doubt..despite the fact that i messed up and didn't set my cpu to allow unlimited data storage for this game (which in turn caused the data to be unable to be saved..level 137 character down the drain) but that of course is my own folly
just saying that so that others don't make the same mistake i did
as far as the game itself goes..the bosses are a bit repeatable..but u do add some neat stuff to the 3rd area bosses which helps keep it interesting
the final boss was definately not impossible..but still makes sure you go into that batlle completely prepared as iblis is nothing to sniff at (i actually overfarm so that way on newgameplus u can beat the firebolt at the prologue)
the storyline is great and the special ending is worth getting ..actually made me smile 100%
new game plus was done perfectly and it increases the challenge should u decide not to use the stat points and upgrade your guns (id love to see some1 go through 3 rounds of new gameplus with only level 1 guns and no stat points used or be a pacifist and don't destroy anything except the required enemies to beat the game aka the bosses)
a small annoyance would be that at the higher levels when starting a new game plus..i found myself clicking over 730 times just to adjust my stat points..(kinda time consuming tbh) couldn't really find a method to alter my stat points all at once
the auto fire is a nice function to have for those who are not button mashy and definately this game is suitable for many ages(not all of course)
great gameplay..and a great battle system overall it got its 5 stars because it is also unique and you won't find many games that have such great quality as this one does as far as the free to play department goes
if an anime was made of this..id definately support it as this game really seems like it could fit well as an anime as well
basically..to sum it all up..great job!..you deserve every credit you get for creating such an awesome game and i would love to see a starwish 2

SPACESHIPS RULE.....Never played a spaceship game and said that but this one is Perfectly splendid

I never EVER in my life had liked the idea of a spaceship. Now I feel bad for saying that- CAUSE THIS GAME DESERVES 5 STARS AND A ANIME!
Really truly! I would watch it!
And the way the jokes come up, some point in times I feel like I'm missing out... I need to start socializing again...

One of the best game I ever played! the gameplay feels a little retro with it's classic shooting mechanics but the context story and characters are 1st class and lets not forget about the music usually when I play in newground I mute it but in this one I didn't.

Overall I really liked it XD