Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

A really good storyline, I think you're like a genius.keep up the good work.

Very intricate storyline,unlike most flash games.

Here's the problem with your concept... you have no idea who you're audience is. If you want to make a shooter, make a shooter. If you want to make a visual novel, make a visual novel. Jumping between the slow, thoughtful intrigue of a visual novel, and the frantic adrenaline rush of a shooter leaves the audience disoriented and jarred.

It just doesn't work, as a concept. If you cut out the shooter parts of the game and added some more choices in the dialogue, I'd say this was a fine visual novel.

great game
perfect story really impressiv
only thing you should really improve are the variaties of the enemys.. they repeat too much specially the boses.... =( if you would fix that it would be an epic game that i would buy in a store....
more animations in the charakter graphics and movie sequences in the game would make it perfect....

This game is simply brilliant, although I must admit that what I liked the most were the music and graphics. Then what about the gameplay? Well, it's simple, yet tricky (as in old classics), so that's good. The thing is... well, it tends to get repetitive (again, as in old classics). It's hard to make something that's not repetitive on a 2-D platform shooter, but nothing's impossible (except for keeping Aeris alive in FF7... that sucks, =/). Perhaps you could add a few more features, such as rescue missions, or strictly scavenging ones, to name a few.