Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

Hands down one of the best games on NG. Classic scrolling shooter, a wonderful story, decent writing, great visuals, and wonderful music. Top Notch sir!

dang it i just wanna to stop playing this game, but its so cool, theres the cool story ,the really enjoyable and memorable characters(especially deadeye) all those weapons and upgrades, the love interests, its really fun the only complain i have is that you should work a little more on the designs and graphic qualityof the ships and maybe allow a bit more exploring when it comes to interacting with other characters but that also adds even more to the great replayability good job man, girl? i dunno

Wow, Starwish is one of the unique games here in Newgrounds. So far this is the only game that has a cool combination, a shooter, rpg, visual novel, and dating sim. Whoa, this is awesome! I'm looking forward to one of your next games or a sequel of Starwish ;)

this game is great! gameplay was not that great but the story is fantastic, i hope to see more of these games from you

an awesome game, there are little things wrong with it: The story is interesting enough to keep me playing trough the first part, and the long breaks between each level, allowed the gameplay to not become repetitive
The only thing wrong with this, is how hard it is to distinguish foreground objects (That you can bump and cause damage) from the background, while flying