Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

The Game Is Great,
seriously best bullet hell shooter ive played in a while,
I loved the style of graphics. it wasn't sexual or anything like that but actually more innocent and Harmless.(SPOILER) i still Hate the fact that Ginny Fucking died, she was an amazing character. atleast you included the part that Duece revisits the planet he crashed into where he first met Ginny every year to mourn her and Oracle.

for a Newgrounds game, you really did something amazing, 5 stars. Don't give up on making new games you really have something here Xdanond

The first game I played on newgrounds a while back and it is still my favorite on this site, a good story, good Shoot em up gameplay, good RPG elements, as well as a very nice soundtrack. I would say this is the best attempt to blend the RPG and Shoot em up gameplay styles I have ever seen. You sir, deserve a metal.

This game is great for a little flash game. The graphics are okay,nothing spectacular,cutscenes have a cutout of your character interacting with other characters,they do change expressions as well. The music is chill and serves well. The shooter/rpg is executed well and you will need to boost your stats if you wish to survive.

I wish that the first screen,when you are allocating your personal stats,did come with a back button,like the module equip screen. I dislike how you cannot sell your old weapons,but the fact that any weapon you pick will be a better version is worth the trade off.

There is a pretty deep story and you have to pay attention to make the right choice at the end. You see everyone's angle and how they view and deal with things. It is nice to see how they react to things and it is funny in most places.

If you get stuck in areas,beef up and try again,also remember each weapon is useful in various situations,learn them and use them to turn the tables on your foes. As for the first screen complaints,I believe it was when the game was not optimized and it was reminiscent of a bullet hell shooter. You can adjust your modules to suit your play style,do not be afraid to try it.

I'm so done with people these days: They keep saying "You can't pass the first level, the game is baaaaaad", well, ever considered, I dunno PLAYING after you get wrecked in the first level? THERE'S A STORY!!!

Its a bit dated now, but at its time it was one of the best games on newgrounds. Great story, fun gameplay, multiple endings, choices that effect the endings you can get, good characters, definitely deserving of 5 stars.

***minor spoiler***
For people complaining that the first level is impossible to pass, it is technically possible to pass, the first level is just really hard. The first mission loss is supposed to happen your first time through the game. It is a story event.