Reviews for "RPG Shooter: Starwish"

A seriously well done story.

I'm yet to see a flash with such perfectly done scenario.
Story-wise it's awesome and well balanced.

Characters have clearly defined personalities, which makes easy for us to get attached to them.
The graphics and repeatable gameplay is a bit on lacking side...but that's totally overshadowed by the part of the game I mentioned earlier.

Well done :)

Request for creator

Is it possible for you to give me a save file that is at the 3rd world?
(After you defeat firebolt)
I had come to the 3rd world at the first level theni chose save and exit, but the game didnt save :( I would really appreciate this...

Free trade?

What? Free trade has only a pirating problem? LOL

what about that the top 1% of the poopulation has more money than the 99% all added together? LOL FREE TRADE

1 problem

this problem in no way takes any points off the overall score im giving to the game. just a future insight if you decide to continue the series. make the characters more expressive, and match music with moods in some places. there were sometimes i would find myself receiving terrible news to the most cheerful music in the game.

Oh my glob. This flash is pure awesomeness. It's like i'm actually playing a visual novel with an added shooter into it.
All in all this thing's great, original concept, good art, and awesome bgm. I hope you make more of these dood.