Reviews for "Smokin'"


nice dude

Not amazing

animation was not up to par. and the music was horrible as well as the theme. good luck next time!

vakavadesigns responds:

Why a 10? I want a zero, so at least the number matches your review.

reasons to not go dancing

high volume of music, cigarrete smell that sticks in your cloth, idiots drinking alcohol, lame techno/modern thing "music"


I think that should like be law or something. I can relate in so many ways, lots of my friends smoke and the smell like s**t . So totaly and utterly agreed


Good for younger kids, and i think its kinda funny. Its true tho. it kills you even if you dont do it. second hand smoke is bad too. I know lots of people who smoke. Its their option and i for one wont. and thats my option. Great job! :D