Reviews for "Smokin'"

well said

keep the smoke out of my face
look at all those smokers raging so funny xD

vakavadesigns responds:

Most are actually pretty easy going, I'm getting mostly whiny with some rage here & there ;)

But darn it this is Newgrounds, if you don't leave the site deeply offended, then what's the point of visiting???

is cool smoker man ... x__x

Very nice ... it reminds of myself, I am a smoker,,, (v__v) \,, /

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha :]

Pretty good

As a smoker myself, I don't see why alot of people are writing reviews about how this is fucked up. In fact when i'm outside having a smoke, I make sure that I'm downwind of non-smokers, because why should they suffer for my slow death?

Anyways, taking a step away from the message in the song, The animation was really good. There were a few parts that weren't as smooth as the others, but all in all you have promise. Just keep working at it, I'd love to see more of your stuff frontpaged =]

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah the animation was pretty rushed... XD Thanks for not going bananas over a simple animation.

Good gosh... This is Newgrounds, for goshness sake... And I'm willing to wager that my work's way more tame than anything else that's on the frontpage as I'm writing this...

I'll do my best to do better and more work. Next animation's going to be a silly crack-up, and won't hurt ANYONE's feelings... Or most people's anyway...

bit strong

i agree with the dude below me, as a smoker, its our choice where to smoke, but i do respect your opinion that you dont like it, so if i ever meet you ill smoke outside :) on the plus side i liked the animation, it had a nice jingle lol

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your chill review. I don't hate anyone and I'm not racist against smokers... (Are smokers now an ethnicity?)

He seemingly thinks he's the Martin Luther King Jr. of smokers... I guess?

you know.

as a smoker i find this not only aggressive but also prejudice. smokers ahve become a type of people and what people are doing to them and how there treating them is not much different from how people where treated just after and for 60 years after the civil war. (you know exactly what i am referring to don't play dumb.)

Don't tread on me. if your so worried about the smoke walk around me. Let me do as i will with me. 2nd hand smoke is a crock those studies are inconclusive. im not allowed to smoke in restaurants. I had to defend myself outside recently (not physically but on a verbal level)

I am a human i have rights too.

your animation skills do need a lot of work. your artistic skills are also a little subpar you will get there im sure just keep workin at it.

vakavadesigns responds:

Okay look kid...

You are projecting your feelings of inferiority in the wrong direction. Sorry the piece offends you, but honestly, there's such a thing as free speech. On a personal level, if I ever saw you or any other smoker outside, I would NEVER criticize... Well unless they were fueling their car maybe... Please try to distinguish opinionated art from reality.

Judging by your critique, I'm assuming your art and animations are excellent. For that, congratulations.