Reviews for "Smokin'"

Yep that's true!

SMoking is bad! So don't do it!! Never!

...by the way..the C-Face at the end is priceless.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thank you for your support! :)

Oi shadow-reaper56

In the city I live in some asshole passed a legislation (secretly and underhanded) that bans smoking in bars and other PRIVATELY owned establishments. If I wanna smoke in a public place and it bothers your delicate sensibilities, then walk away. It IS a public area, outside in the free air. The day they outlaw smoking outside they might as well outlaw screaming babies and motor vehicles. Take your sensitive lungs to the other side of the street and bring your cousin with you.

vakavadesigns responds:

Dear Plastic,

Yours is the last comment before this piece was taken off the front page. And man am I glad. Next time I will think twice before animating on a topic that can completely polarize viewers. The next piece I have in mind will be much more generic and could be appreciated by all.

Thanks for your review, although I'm a little surprised that I got an 8 from you.

Oi Mr. DICKop.

My cousin has tuberculosis. Cigarette smoke in her general area hinders her ability to breathe. Is she a wimp for crying when she's suffocating because some a-hole is puffing away? Any person with any type of lung condition has their ability to breathe stunted by nearby smoke/smokers. I myself have sensitive lungs, so any type of smoke near me makes it harder to breathe. I don't appreciate having to hack my brains out because an inconsiderate idiot has to smoke outside the restaurant, mall, or other public place I'm going to. Smoking should be done on private property, where only unfortunate loved ones can be affected by second hand smoke. Not in public where it can harm other people. As for smokers themselves, they can enjoy wasting their money and health on their addiction.

Anyway, as for the flash, the animation was so-so, but the message was good and the song was kinda catchy. Good effort.

vakavadesigns responds:

Leave the guy alone, his stick figures can only be rivaled by the art of Michelangelo... BWHAHAHA

But seriously, thanks for the review! It's great when people see the point behind the whole piece.


I have to agree with DikkopStudios, on what he has to say. It did feel like a anti smoking commercial for kids rather than a fair view for quitting smoking. I have to say, I smoke, and I most certainly would like to quit. However, I have not done so yet so that mean I do not want too. My point is this though, if I was outside at the bus stop, or somewhere, weather it be a store, or street corner. And decided to light one cigarette up, just so happens you pass by and I blow it in your general area with no intention of making you breath it, are you going to ask me to move, or stop? I do understand, it is a bad habit and unhealthy, but there are many alternatives, such as american spirit which is natural tobacco, compared to Newports, or Marlbro. Which have chemicals from 1000's of places. To me this song promotes an attack of a crop that has supported America for hundreds of years, it also attacks the ability for me to smoke a cigarette in public without some over reaction of a person coming up to me and lecturing me, or just giving me the stink eye. This is my view on your flash anyways.

vakavadesigns responds:

I see your point, although I think your review was better thought out.

I honestly don't want to limit your freedoms or dictate your life. It's just a silly animation y'all...

Thanks for your review.

Good Message

I recently quit smoking, and I'm so glad of it.
My hands don't smell of smoke anymore, my hair's beginning to loose its smell, and I've been able to taste food without tasting smoke.
I've only just realised how dumb smoking really is.
Good video, and the animation isn't bad, :P

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your review. :] Congratulations on your decision as well!