Reviews for "Smokin'"


this animation is so true very well done!!! just keep that smoke out of my face


Very well done! A very interesting animation style, catchy song, and even a solid moral. The only thing I would recommend changing might be adding a subtitles option, but I'd recommend that to nearly everybody. :P

As for Plastic and his comment, don't let him bother you. People can and will get offended at even the dumbest things, it would be a shame to let a single butt-hurt smoker prevent you from making similar flash movies in the future.

On the subject of smoking, wtf is wrong with people? Why are people still stupid enough to even start? I know a lot of people start for face-time with people they want to hang out or flirt with, but that's not a good enough reason. >.<

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks - for - your - review.

i agree

i know its a free country but if u wanna get cancer its on u.....plz dont drag the rest of us down with u
and theplasticjesus....u sir can suck a dick

vakavadesigns responds:

Glad you liked the piece, but that was kind of harsh on Plastic don't ya think...

what can i say

it was well done and cute!


i agree with the dude i HATE smoke

vakavadesigns responds: