Reviews for "Smokin'"

sigh just bc..

ok first i loved the vid not the greatest art but who cares and the whole thing was funny as shit.
but sadly what i think is even funnier is all the rants going on (including this one) why is it that people seem to get so pissed off now, over something so simple thats only meant to be funny? why cant we just accept what someone made out of their time and appreciate it?
guys people smoke because they want to, thats why i do. u dont see me menstruating over what he did in fact I REALLY LIKED IT.
so everyone please just respect someone for what they give to us and accept their opinion.

like i said loved the vid 9/10
i hope to c more of ur stuff and less of stupid pissy people :)

vakavadesigns responds:

High five XD

Hehe... menstruating...

Glad the tirades entertain you.

I don't get how having an opinion along with the fortitude to stand by it makes someone a wimp. Now if I had decided beforehand not to animate this song because it might tick some individuals off, I'd be the wimpest wimp. And it's always funny how a lot of smokers support this animation, it shows they're tough as nails and can shrug off some jokery...

And the two worst comments have been from alleged non-smokers... Who are very fragile beings indeed.

Nice stuff

I'm 14, never touched a cigarette and never will as long as I live. I can get why people USED to smoke, doctors actually RECOMMENDED the cancer sticks, but why would you want to start in this day and age? All the chavs smoke at my school and I hope they enjoy their early deaths.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the review! Best of wishes.


I'm going to do something I have never done before, which is to write a review of a review.

I'm talking about "Thetriggers" little rant. Because I'm actually astonished of how ignorant and short sighted this person is.

The worst part is the fallacy of his logic: he argues that there are bigger issues in the world than second hand smoking - but who's the one getting so extremly upset by this little humoristic cartoon, that he feel obliged to create an account here on Newgrounds just so he can talk down on it?

Of course there are worse things in the world than smoking, but does that mean we shouldn't even bother with the smaller issues? Of course not!

In addition, he writes that the beauty of being alive and free is that you can do what you want - yet he's the one attacking the authour for using he's freedom of speech.

He further tells the authour that this cartoon only make him look like a cry baby - but as "vakavadesigns" so rightfully replies: "You've proven through your little tantrum who the real cry baby is."

Smoking has been scientificly proven to be extremly unhealthy. Everybody knows this - including smokers. Therefore, no one should smoke.

But I also believe that everyone is free to do what ever they want. If some people want to sacrifice some of their health to be able to temporarily enjoy life a bit more, they are free to do so.

I give "Thetriggers" review a 0/10. Self-righteous, smug people like him makes the world a worse place - and is a lot bigger problem then smoking!

The movie I give 9/10 - for a well-made and humoristic song and good animation.

Was planning on that.

I was planning on smoking killing me.
...but don't worry, I at least have the decency to back far off and/or stand downwind if I'm going to smoke near someone (and absolutely *never* in a building with children, elderly, or those with natural breathing problems).

Anyways, good flash :)

vakavadesigns responds:

Good smoker! :)

For the first time...

I'm actually convinced not to smoke.

lol, jk. This was an epic movie.