Reviews for "Smokin'"

I got to say...I really like this!

Animation; 7 / 10
Audio; 8 / 10
Content; 10 / 10

Animation was absolutley fine although it was a little choppy in places, still it is really a very good animation and the art style is fine aswell although not fantastic. Audio was quite funny but I did still get the under lying theme. It is certainly a very good song! Content was brilliant and worth a 10 so I think...

All in all; 8 / 10

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks a bucketful. I was intentionally in a rush to get this done, the next one, I hope, will be better and I think it won't hurt peoples' feelings as much. I am not intending to be a feelings-hurterer.

Funny vid

Song was good too, but remember life is a terminal condition nobody gets out alive ya know?

That's the nice thing about America, we get choices!

vakavadesigns responds:


Well done

Take a stroll to your local downtown metropolis and walk around for an hour.

You've now taken in as many carcinogens as three packs of cigarettes.

Still, I'll keep my smoke out of your face.

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate the review. Yeah, I see how pollution's getting out of hand. But are you sure about those statistics?