Reviews for "Smokin'"

nearly $10 a pack

where i live.
and all the taxes go to treating those with emphizima (sp), hospital visits, and other health related issues.
the irony is: they are paying for their treatment, with each pack that they buy. but if they don't buy, they won't get get as sick.
go figure?
i have family members who smoke. they "try to quit". but it's more psychological then a physical addiction. that and stress...

second hand smoke?

you don't like smoke gtfo!
srsly pisses me off when someone tells me not to
you might get stabbed

catchy tunes catchy attitude. You'll make brainless non-smoker zombies out of ng fans. Yet you do it with style.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha, I don't know whether to feel honored or insulted, so I'll feel a bit of both. Thanks for the review... although I don't think this animation changes anyone's minds, it just polarizes everyone... :-/

Pretty nice animation for the song!

As a smoker myself, I respect people's right to not be exposed to second-hand smoke. Although I don't mind, others do.

On a side note... indoor smoking is disgusting, hahaha. Lingering odors are horrible. ;)

reminds me of the animation I made :)


but yeh.. animation was well storyboarded and all that, although I have a few principle disagreements with your pragmatics.

I watched this..

Whilst smoking a ciggarete.

The animation was pretty decent dude, nice to see some indie work up on the front page every now and again, you're clearly on the road to getting much better, overall I'll give this a 7.

The music was ok, the animation was fitting and the message, although I do enjoy smoking, is commendable.

Good job.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanx Chazz! Don't worry I'll practice more and hopefully the next piece will be better.