Reviews for "Smokin'"

i was there, now im here

im fucking devid copperfield

just kidding, i quit smoking a year ago and im feeling great

good job with the animationg

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha - very funny review - good for you man!


Yuk!I hate smokes!I don't want to see it anymore!

vakavadesigns responds:

I don't think you understood what it's all about. Next time you watch a flash, please have your therapist assist you.

Made me chuckle

Theres a lot of anger towards smokers, and as a smoker I can tell you most of us really do not care that we are hated :) Just the fact you hate someone for smoking is a bit shallow.

Its like saying I hate people who drive, as they are slowly killing the planet, you cant hate someone for something so trivial.

But, then again... I would never smoke whilst someone was eating near me, never smoke around kids, always stand down wind to non smokers on breaks (just a nice thing to do).

THAT ASIDE, a good flash, made me laugh

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate your review, thanks!

Nice vid.

The best part of it are non-smokers raging how they hate smoker who smoke beside of them, lol.

I have never ever smoked and hate every smoker alive!
*chomps on the burger*
They are killing me with second-hand smoking
*Drinks diet coke ( because you can eat everything with diet coke, because it is DIET!)*
I am going street and they are breathing with smoke all MY air!
*sniffs on his farts*

I imagine it like that! :))
I am smoker and I like it!
It is just funny watching peaople rant about something as simple as flash! )))))

i smoke

but it is pretty funny ;p