Reviews for "Smokin'"


Entertaining to say the least. Good job.
Now I could get into a whole conversation about smoking or not, but i'd much rather focus on the humoristic side of this flash wich to me was definitely worth the time. Nice job on the lyrics too, very impressive and clever.

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah the musician (Wally) is a lyrical mad-dog. Thanks for your review!


nice animation!
the non smoking guy in the video is the sadest one tho..
i'm nice was awesome

Cant agree more...

I feel connected to that song and want to punch people who smoke around me

nice animation also :D

vakavadesigns responds:

Instead of punching, you could always make an animation to reach more people. Just saying... a punch only does so much ya know. Smokers will punch back... and man do those guys punch hard!


Tho i disagree with your video i did find it rather funny, and personaly. Us smokers have it bad from where im from, we cant smoke in alot of indoor places, and the oens we can make us confined to a corner, so dont hate on us. But i can see it from your point, not everyone wants to breath tabacco dust and thats fine.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your fair and balanced review.

Keep in mind the song was written in the early 90s where smoking was everywhere. I do think that politicians who jump on the anti-smoking bandwagon simply for votes are weasels, and that it should be left to businesses to accommodate smokers and non-smokers. For example, I've been to terribly smoky pool halls, and to one with excellent ventilation that made the air quite clean despite the smokers present. Everyone was relatively happy there XD

But Sir...

Second hand smoke is second hand cool.

PS. I smoke erry once and a while, and I respect that.
PSS. I like your Alligator dude.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha... second hand cool... awesome...

Glad to get a review from a smoker who doesn't do a tantrum! You realize it's a humor!

Alligator dude wants to borrow a cig from you.