Reviews for "Smokin'"

I remember these days....

and I never tought anything wrong of it.....it smelled kinda good but it would make me cough a litle .....I would'nt try it since ....... well maybe I'll try ......nope.....


vakavadesigns responds:

Ever try those wacky electronic cigarettes? It's not a suggest... just saying...

I totally know how you feel!

both my parents smoke, my dad doesn't do it as bad, but my mom pisses me off so much! luckily they both smoke outside never indoors, but like..say we're at six flags or disney world where they have designated smoking areas....she is like..-rides a ride. smokes a cig- over and over and doesn't care where...I always tell her she's gonna get kicked out of places but god damnit if she wants a smoke she is so not caring about any other people around her! Oddly enough, she had her lungs checked and they are 100% clear.. -raises eyebrow- even I don't know how.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thank you for your review!

Very good

I like how this advertises people not to smoke

vakavadesigns responds:

I think this animation is going to save like 10 billion lives and stuff.


thats a good way to tell ppl to never smoke,will to late for my family =D

vakavadesigns responds:

Too late for a lotta people that I knew. Like one guy said, death is inevitable, but there are much cooler ways to die than catching lung cancer.

-.- you nailed it...

I, myself do not like people who smoke. IT's disgusting! and the reasons why they do it are unreasonable. I love your flashs!!! <3

vakavadesigns responds:

Chemical addictions make people do some ka-raaaaazy stuff :(