Reviews for "Smokin'"


its great and all, but why is this flash generating so much hate.

vakavadesigns responds:

I don't hate smokerz, sorry if you find the sarcasm offensive

lolzXD niiceXD

another great piece o' animation gold from the kingXD dude, ime a smoker, shoot i smoke a pack a week, but ime smart i dont smoke near people: i go inside my car with the windows open a crack and smokeXD tha' way my kids and those with asthma, like my wife, r safe from harm.

i blow my smoke in the faces of people like you

or at least try and get my cloud to hover around your face
but still a very well written and animated short kudos

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha - In everyday life though, I'm not vocal about it, I don't have to be since I usually steer clear :D

Thanks for your review and for not having a hissy cow like some people do... You are one easy-going smoker.

Well I like it :D

I think the song fits today too even if people aren't allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants anymore.
There are for example those guys who ask you ...maybe at the bus stop" is it okay if i smoke" and you say "no...could you please wait" and then they still smoke and even blow the smoke in your face -_-

vakavadesigns responds:

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? It's very smoky there in Prag.

By the way, your music is great!


Animation was good..

Now the reason I only gave you a five put into context:
I will stop abusing my Lungs and quit Cold Turkey, when people stop abusing the Guitar and Imagination.

vakavadesigns responds:

Bwahaha... sorta... umm thanks for the review anyways.