Reviews for "Smokin'"


animation is smooth and its fitting to the lyrics , i like it .

vakavadesigns responds:

Animation's smooth? What? I think it was pretty rough. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your review.

Smoking sucks

Dude, I hate it when I see someone smoking on the street. I have to cover my mouth with my shirt or hold my breath until I pass them. Anyway, the video wasn't exactly funny. you should work on that, ya know?

vakavadesigns responds:

I am sorry it's not that funny. I think you'll like my next animation, if I ever get around to it. :D

good work

maaan that granpa is getting his ass wooped, lol

concept 8/10
Music 9/10
animation: 8/10

vakavadesigns responds:

It's like he's in some other world, that guy, just puffing away...


Animation are cool, but not funny.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks SO MUCH... for your... REVIEW!!!

A truly well Crafted flash

Animation was excellent as was the concept and the song I gave it a 5/5 and a 9/10

vakavadesigns responds:

You're too kind, thanx.