Reviews for "Smokin'"

i want to smoke like the aligator

put one cigareta in each nose-hole. lol, any how... this was very good, cool drawings and the song was cool too.
may the force be with you!

Ok, now i decided

i wont smoke again, btw nice animation!!

vakavadesigns responds:

Hay thanks!

one more reason love america

I use to live in the states and I didnt realize how much I appreciate the laws that controls where people can smoke. I live now in europe and I tell you its soo uncomfortable the way everyone smokes everywhere in resteraunts and stuff feels like im sufficating

vakavadesigns responds:

Where in Europe?


I like the style you got there, although if you're tweening you might want to use more ease, and you could use a background artist, along with more frames in the mouth animation instead of stretching from one position to the next.

But I think the presentation and consistency sold it all, along with music that very much fits the style.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the comments. It was kind of a rushed piece, however I'll gladly try those techniques out.

makes me prouf

This video makes me proud of my girlfriend and myself that we quite smoking 2 years ago :-D I will take this video as our trophy and as our guideline to never start again!

vakavadesigns responds:

Congratulations :) I'm glad for both of you - keep up the good work and thanks for the review!