Reviews for "Smokin'"

I think that too....

The somokers sometimes are so fucking annoying...and I smoke one time and i don't like it at all...well was just like smoke...

vakavadesigns responds:

The best kinds of smoke (not necessary in order)

Gun smoke
BBQ smoke
Tire burn-out smoke

I smoke.

I smoke and im personally not offended by this. I get it because even i hate the smell of smoke when its not my own and i certain hate been boxxed in with it.

I dislike the nazi attitude the world now has against smokers though, we know the risks... we know what it does to our health its our choice right? and thats what makes us human the ability to make our own choices.

as for the animation i found the song pretty annoying.. not because its about smoking but the voice and lame ryhmes. The animation wasn't too bad for what its for.

Anyway those are my half asleep thoughts.

vakavadesigns responds:

At least you're man enough not to take it personally and get all huffy... Some people act like kicked dogs over this, and it's just a horribly done animation done for kicks.

I agree, personally (I didn't create the song) that smokers should have a right to do their thang. I'll just be a few city blocks away while they're doing it as the smoke literally chokes me.

Thanks a lot for a fair and balanced review.

As a smoker....

I still find this funny,
Now I remember way back when before smoking was banned in public places my parents and family would smoke in restaurants and seeing adults smoking in bars.
Now that Im there and a smoker I remember how it sucked to have a smoker next to me when I did not, so I always try to stay away from non smokers when I do smoke, Find a secluded area.
I find that the best way is if your gonna smoke have courtesy and keep it away from non smokers.

And also I find your cartoon to be funny and well done :D

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate your consideration of others! :) Thanks for your review.

Pretty Good

I thought that the animation was great and the song was catchy but the lyrics are a bit ignorant towards the reason people smoke. I used to smoke and I did it because the sensation that nicotine brings is very pleasant and relaxing. I'm not trying to advocate it but the point of view displayed here seems biased.

vakavadesigns responds:

I kinda see both sides of the issue, but man I physically react very badly to smoke, just can't be around it. Yeah I think some of the lyrics were sharp-edged, I just hope people don't take it too personally. Thanks a lot for your review dawg.

Thank you for this video

I know alot of people who smoke and i try to tell them to stop but i dont know how. You showed me that theres a fun way to share with people how bad it is to smoke