Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Good, but couldn't make itself stand out

It started off okay with the nice upgrade screen and easy levels, but the whole game felt like the same level. It never got hard, the bosses didn't really do anything special or challenging and the only enemies that ever were hard are the ones that fire in 8 directions rapidly while flying past you.
My advice: play some more arcade shooters like Deathsmiles and Touhou. Then you'll know what a real shooter feels like. Or add difficulty levels, because this game is way too easy for anyone who's played shmups before.

leven 7

at that point, i had all the upgrades but couldn't get passed the level. anoying as hell, and also, where's the reward in going on? some more upgrades please, or make it a bit easier to actually finish a level, i.e. not get spammed by bullits after about 5 secs!

Addicting game

this game reminds me Touhou :D


I think this is one of the more fun space shooters (with upgrates, cos you gotta have that)

One note thou (and why i give it this raiting) the bosses are all the same.

I still think it was worth playing through

Same old hell.

I liked this game a lot at the beginning. It had good pacing, was sort of tough but always pretty winnable. It did that trick where you think you're working hard for something that's being given to you. But it just ended up being another top-down bullet hell. We've seen so many of these already, and done with much more style, that this game simply has no reason to exist. Where is the innovation within top-down shooters? Why do we accept crap like this?