Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Good game but...

... it was way too easy; especially the bosses. The levels themselves were fun and all, and the upgrade system was great, but the bosses all had the same, easily avoidable, attack pattern. I don't think my health ever dropped below 75% the whole time. I like the game, it's just I would have appreciated an 'insane' setting or some such.

First time i played a game like this,

because normaly i´m not into that kind of game!
But this one is nice!

I agree with others that all the defence options should have an extra button, but i understand if you wanna make it "hard"!!

twas easy

once you stop worrying about the points to get upgrades with and just focus on dodging the bullets while firing your own it becomes rather easy

minions on the other had were worthless

Not too bad

Some problems with the damage the ship gives out, even with the upgrades. It's like by the time you upgrade it, the enemies have become tougher than it, negating the process.

I agree with Orionhardy with the Emergency Situations being moved to different keys to help overcome some of the harder stages.

Other than those two gripes, this game is pretty awesome. I hope to see more of this.

Good Game.

But it needs some improvements.

1 - could it be made so that the keys on the number pad also work for the numbers. Being left handed I find using the number keys difficult to use without getting destroyed.

2 - Could the Emergency Situations be separated and moved to different keys (maybe keys 7, 8 & 9). Only having one in the later levels makes it really difficult especially if you when the ship that fires in all directions appears in twos and you don't get to them quick enough. The screen becomes filled with projectiles and it becomes impossible to dodge.