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Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Same old hell.

I liked this game a lot at the beginning. It had good pacing, was sort of tough but always pretty winnable. It did that trick where you think you're working hard for something that's being given to you. But it just ended up being another top-down bullet hell. We've seen so many of these already, and done with much more style, that this game simply has no reason to exist. Where is the innovation within top-down shooters? Why do we accept crap like this?


Sometimes missile enemies managed to cover entire level with their missiles, so there was no place to hide. If the game slows down for some reason, enemies will spam more bullets than they were intended to (and then the game will slow down more, because of more objects on the screen). Shooting intervals shouldn't be independent from frame rate. Author should bear that in mind, programming his next game.

So awesome.

Only thing I wish was better with this game was the music. Not saying its bad, just really doesn't do anything for me.


There are many games just like this one in Newgrounds making this not my first choice in space shooters to recommended. the boss battles are just spamming lasers everywhere and almost impossible to dodge any. took forever to die on the first boss, but when I did died I realized I took out less then a 4th of it's health. the damn menu screens could of gave someone a seizure, I mean come on flashing multiple screens for no good reason rapidly to simulate the interface is booting up. After a few tries I just couldn't look at it anymore knowing when I die or complete the impossible task to live I will just see more flashing screens as I try to upgrade or rush to the damn level already to skip the menu. This game gave me a headache from the menus and irritating boss fight. I can't think of anything you have to offer with this game that i can't find in another space shooter. With any reason to give you even 2/10 I shall leave my room in search of something to make me forget about this game and the FLASHING SCREENS OF ANNOYANCE!

stages were good, bosses.... unfotunatly

id say the game is simple, yet well made, what had me wondering was the boss fights, they were all the same, except for the 1st one that was suppose to be easier without the center missiles, but all the rest were the same, i see a lot of good ideals for a next part if any, but cmon, make the bosses a bit more.... unique to each other