Reviews for "Bio Assault"

A little slow

The game would be a lot more fun if it were more fast paced, at that speed I find it a little bit boring. But nice graphics. Nice array of options for upgrades.

poor execution

new weapons and extra unpgrades were overpriced at the beginning.
even if you save up some money at the earlier levels, you barely have enough money to purchase one of the basic upgrades/weapons. your spaceship soon gets overwhelmed by the sheer amount of missiles/lasers aiming towards you after level 4. (those yellow spaceships shooting in all directions are just too much to handle, especially when you only have one or two upgrades). this can be very discouraging for new players, as the firepower between you and your opponents are not well balanced at that point.

although you can actually earn some points even if you get defeated in a battle, it can be very tedious to slowly build up the power of your spaceship as you have to basically replay the same level over. instead, you should either reduce the cost of upgrades/equipments, or insert more levels while allowing us to select current levels and include bounses to make items more accessible to you.

to maximize the chances of winning, you have to use different stragegies based on types of enemies your engaging (especially for bosses). it would be helpful to players if you describe the characertics of enemies you would see and tips on surviving waves of assault should the player lose the level.

and as with other shooter and similar games, there's an element of luck to the game. firstly, it is difficult to predict the effect/power each piece of equipment /power of upgrades if you haven't purchase one yet. sure, you might spend precious bytes on upgrades/items that offer relatively little advantage on enemies over other upgrades. i think it is worth considering to include a 'trial' option where you can experiment with different upgrades and equipments to help you decide which aspect you need to spend points on. secondly, the chance of winning a level depends quite heavily on the number of times you receive powerups on the way. the position where those powerups appear should be fixed so that player of roughly the same chance of winning each time he replays a level.


super fun loved how the game has that old school gaming touch to it.

Good Game+ Explanation

I really like the game, graphics and all. Gameplay is, as said before, a bit grind-y when reaching the upper levels, but is overall fun.

The game is called "Bio assault" because of the program launched by the human ITs into the Destrocom system, the literal interpretation being "Life attack," thus saying that the humans, the "bio" are attacking the nonhuman entity.


This is a very fun scrolling shooter. I love it! It was very hard. But fun. Thx for making.