Reviews for "Bio Assault"


on the first level everything was way too fast


Way Too Hard! I Can't even get pass level 6 or 7 too many bullets everywhere!

Aesthetic is very polished!

Challenging game! The achievements make it very fun.

Great game!

I didn't stumble across any problems at all while playing the game. I thought it was great. Although I thought it became a little easy, the graphics and upgrades made up for it.

At first, you should buy the magnet power up, and max it ASAP, it only has effect when you upgrade it to the max. Then, get the best gun. Put the rest of your bytes in attack power and Thread response attack systems. Use them at the bosses.
The minions are useless, by the way.

Nice Game!

Awesome graphics combined with kick ass weapons. By the way, I like the wire special.