Reviews for "Bio Assault"

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Agree totally.
The ship crawls, damage upgrades seem to make no difference whatsoever, your minions fire far too slowly and seem to have no impact at all.

Good premise, just need to tweak some of the damage/health statistics, as the game is not so much broken as shattered at the moment.

That's the spirit >D

Finaly for long time, I had play a Bullet-Hell Shooter, again.

And such a splenndin' one!!
Awesomness >D

Great One, great one!!!

And for me : I loooove the 1 000 000 000 Bullets on the Screen.

Just my Type!

The End ist a little....dull..but who cares?

Who cares 'bout an actualy Storyline in such great , awesome Shooters hell yeah >D

This is Win!

Thx for this, Sir.

What the hell?

Are you insane, the ship is barely moving around the screen and I get 1 000 000 000 projectiles coming my way, the enemies take forever to kill and they move at the speed of light, it might get better when I play on, but something this annoying at the beginning is just... urgh.


Although there are dozens of versions of games like this, it was still fun to play, addictive even

found a bug

i reached section 11. the first two units spawned then nothing else. just kept flying. was able to move around and shoot and everything but no units spawned. and i dont believe the level ended eather. had to refresh the browser.