Reviews for "Bio Assault"


This was a solid vertical flight shooter you made here,the control was good and i really liked the graphics and it's polygon style for the ships,it wasn't too difficult but it was fun for a good hour or so,overall it an enjoyable game so good job. :)

Got all awards

Using the sheild is crucial to getting far. Final boss is impossable though. Never the less this game was addicting and I enjoyed it.

needs some work

pretty good game, but when you arrive at the point you just cant win because you simply dont have enough fire power to kill enemy's fast enough it becomes a grind fest, I'm at lvl 7 right now trying to get enough money to buy the needed upgrades (this is not because I fail at dodging the bullets but because you just CANT dodge the overkill that comes your way when you fail to kill the enemy's fast enough) this wouldnt be a big problem if you could obtain a fair amount of money each time playing the lvl. but because you CANT kill the enemy's quik enough, the money that you get from each run is minimal. and if you manage to kill some enemy's you still have to collect the money ( that means finding you way to the overkill of bullets without getting killed) this means countless re runs of the beginning of levels, and that isnt really fun OR challening is it?

Short and sweet is how a game like this should be.

In total agreement with JerrodStorm; the only minor issue would be in the speed and movement of the bytes. They seemed a little slow and lacked inertial qualities which are present in the ship's movements.

It seems that the implementation of the replays was primarily focused towards "new players." If you're an avid space shooter player you'll come to understand that there are really only two things to focus on: #1) maneuverability and #2) firepower strength.

I only took maybe 2 hits the first three levels; at which point I had one or two upgrades into the ship speed. After that, with practice at games like these, you should be able to avoid 95% of the attacks taking place.

From there it was smooth sailing; went through the whole campaign never taking more than 40% hull damage (and only because I was greedy on the last few boss battles and wanted the bytes where all the action was taking place).

reminds me of Frantic

contrary to i-am-ghey, I believe the game was actually executed fairly well. I did not find the same issues of slow gameplay and overwhelming level of difficulty that he did. While the game was difficult, I managed to get through it with only on or two replays, and at the same time maxing out all of the upgrades two stages prior to the end of the game. In fact, I first thought that the pricing of weapons and upgrades was a little too low.

I also really liked the plot you gave it, but you really could have done more to support the background story.

The only issue I really have though is that that magnet attracts the bytes a little slower than what most people are used to.