Reviews for "Bio Assault"

if you're going to use mouse controls...

especialy if it's in a bullet hell game. for the love of god, don't make it rubber band physics! Just let your cursor BE you ship, not make the ship follow your cursor! I can't tell you how annoying it is do die just becasue your ship would move out of the line of fire all because you didn't move the cursor far fast enough across the screen. the way things are now, it's very hard to dodge things. you may want to fix that.

Good but easy

I really enjoyed this game. But there were a few things that could be improved upon.
1. The movement speed skill feels maxed out at level 3 I dont see any reason to purchase another level when I can already dodge everything.
2. The boss battles were far to easy. Make the bosses more challenging by giving them multiple attacks and timed attack patterns. Then make each boss only share a few abilities or just keep adding new abilities.
3. It was a beautiful game but the ship is difficult to see when 100 things are firing at you.
4. The bits disappear far to quickly in the early levels. Killing an enemy at the top of the stage will make the bits float halfway down and then they are gone. Is it really necessary to make them disappear?

Great potential, but large hazards

6/10 is my way of saying you just failed, BUT it's for very critical reasons.

Overall, the game is a good idea. Lots of power ups, a large variety of enemies each with interesting character traits, and even the add ons to your ship have a lot of character of their own.

Your ship is bright green and so are the drones. As mentioned before, this makes it difficult to orient your eyes for evasive maneuvers. Given that the drones do not significantly enhance your firepower or shoot down oncoming fire, this makes them more of a hindrance than they're worth.

The life bar reduces from the bottom on up. This might seem clever to some, but there's a reason that most games have it reduce from the top. It's a natural inclination to expect things to fall when diminished (think gravity and water). The outline of the life bar itself is a bad idea. Although it's nice to have an idea how far from the top you are, the outline of the same color can be difficult since most track it with their peripheral vision only. A different color outline or no outline accompanied with a large numerical (preferably percentage) display sitting on top of it would be best.

The levels are fairly short, which is okay, but it might be nice to see them be longer with a sub-boss or waypoint to help ease the pain of death. Additionally, a slight increase in weapons upgrades might be suggested, given that ammunition runs short quickly. I am fine with the lack of autofire and the use of the ammunition, but keep in mind that most fans of arcade shooters are accustom to trends set forth in games like Raiden. It's not that your game is bad in its design, but your audience may (use other reviews to determine if I'm correct) prefer something more fancy free.

Couple of things.

- An autofire button would be brillaint.
- It's not very clear that the blue squares are currency to pick up, it looks like ship debris, I only figured that out that it was money after a few levels.


this genre has been done to hell. at least try some thing new, even the story was taken out of terminator.
Unimaginative and boring.