Reviews for "Bio Assault"


This is a very fun scrolling shooter. I love it! It was very hard. But fun. Thx for making.


I don't get why it's called bio at all, it's all just ships and shit. It was fun to begin with, but got repetitive by the end. The bosses could have been more varied. And never make the player hold down the shoot button for no reason when there's no ammo and we'll be holding it down the whole game anyway.

very good

this game is a very good game has upgrades and the such good graphics multiple weapons enamys and bosses

this is a bullet hell game for those that dont know. the enamys are supposed to spam.

at first i was going to give a lower score be cause of more only 1 life but then i remebered that in this you can take more then 1 hit befor death.

you also have special weapons that you can spam to make it easier and on top of that you can have them RECHARGED. not just 1 at a time but all of them.

the fact that so many people are giving low scores because the enemies spam saddens me because it shows how few people have played true bullet hell games.

the enemies spam bullets a hell of a lot but the bosses were always the same pattern making them very easy to defeat. that in my opinion evened the game out.

break down time

enemies 10/10
graphics 10/10
enemies 9/10
bosses 6/10 (too easy)
weapons 8/10
music 3/10 (didn't really suit the game but thats just my opinion)
bullet hellness 15/10

over all:

i also discovered a bug with sometimes when i right click in the game enemies stop spawning and the game just goes on endlessly

really bad glitch

somewhere towards the end of lvl 9 there was a glitch that occured. No more enemies were coming out at me, and my minions, one at a time started to disappear if i moved close to the edge and they never came back. Other than forcing me to exit the game and re-do the level the game was fine.


COOL BUT lessen the enemies shooting progress