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Manly-Chicken responds:

Fuck that genius!

i love this game

you have put in lots of effort and it has payed off especially with the medals!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Not that much effort...

One Of The Worst.....

Theme I can understand being it was the Game Jam but you could have had the decency to make better controls. All in all the controls themselves made this one hell of a crappy game. Sorry.

Manly-Chicken responds:

What's wrong with the controls? Please elaborate.

It's alright

Maybe it's just me, but I found this piece an absolute bitch to control and the way that things stacked up with hordes of enemies attacking you at the Boss Stage kind of discouraged me. The charging after every shot was inspired and easy enough to get, but having to stack charge when there are more than three enemies on the screen doesn't leave much room for manoeuvre.

The graphics are well designed and quirky, the music addictive and effective, while the rest of the piece just really brings it all together. In short, I can see why you placed, but if I'm honest, 3rd seems a little low. Perhaps there were other people like me on the panel that failed while playing as well, who knows?

The plot was well written, though I would have liked to see something with voices at the start, as opposed to a 1980s Streets of Rage style introduction - perhaps a little lip sync along with it would help to give this part more impetus and make less people skip.

I'd have preferred keyboard controls and not having to charge the weapon, though I can see why you did this - to get away from the convention of these things having "auto-fire" and powerups that modify or boost this ability. From where you stand, this makes sense, but I still would have preferred it to have not had the trend bucked.

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Manly-Chicken responds:

Honestly, if we placed higher than Meaty Boner or Butchebugs, a mob of pissed off Newgrounders would have descended on the Newgrounds office, and start a riot (as you can see from the reviews) and also, AustinBreed said he "loved everything about this game" so it was probably Tom who made us not place higher or something.


-This game is honestly captivating. I bookmarked this game since I didn't have time during the game jam but I just got some free time today so I decided to play it. Read through the author comments and when I saw that it was difficult I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Damn, after the first try I barely got through a few enemies before I was decapitated.

-But even practice does not make perfect as i'm still struggling with the boss but that's what makes it so captivating to me. You guys didn't bow down to the needs of the masses who wanted easy but fun gameplay. No, you went forth with putting together a game that would challenge even some of the best gamers newgrounds has to offer. I like that and it's kept me entertained for a long time even though i'm not all that good at it.

-With the time constraints that you guys had it's no suprise that the storyline wasn't fleshed out a ton but what you have is enough to get us into Sgt Rambo Giraffes struggles and make us want to get revenge. Lovely pixel art and some interesting enemies thrown in and you have a great game. No suprise that this recieved third place in the contest. Now to get back and see if I can succeed.

Manly-Chicken responds:

This is probably my favorite review that I have gotten so far! It was long, detailed, and touched all the main points. THANKS!