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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

GREAT GAME!!! i even defeated Vega!!! (yes its possible)

This is gonna be a newgrounds classic!!!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, I'm glad people are still having fun with this game :D

Hey I dont know if you'll even see this to but I have to ask whatever happened to Grim Ronin? it sounded pretty cool and i'd really like to play a game with the same play style as this

Muja responds:

I still visit Newgrounds from time to time, and I'll release more games in the future!
As for Grim Ronin, I started working on it some time ago. I realised it was becoming really time-consuming, so I put that game to a halt.

But you might certainly hear of it again in the future :)

Thank you for the review!

I'll be compeletely honest... I can't remember how many times I have playthroughed this game. I can say that I am a master now XD Definitely super epic game... I mean story with soundtrack and everything are so well created and put together. It's really heartbreaking that there will be no sequel to this game since the ending was so epic, wow just simply PERFECT JOB! in the end may I ask where can I find specificaly balrog and guile themes, which you used in this game? They were really great and I can't find them. :/

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
When I think about it, I'm sad I don't have the time to work on a sequel anymore. I had a very epic story in mind.
And yet, I really don't have the time.

It's been a long time, but if I remember correctly you should look for Guile's theme and Balrog's theme from Street Fighter 4!
You'll find something if you look on Youtube

Thank you again :D

A fine, different sort of game. This is my second playthrough after a couple of years. My biggest issue is your choice of text color versus text background. Black on nearly anything besides very light colors is a terrible choice. I have to put my eyes nearly to the screen just to read the text. Otherwise, a very innovative game.

Muja responds:

You're right, I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to use blue boxes for the dialogues.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the game. This is also the perfect time, because right now I'm working on a new, original game settled in feudal Japan that will have a very similar battle system, but extended to party vs party battles.

It'll be titled "Grim Ronin" and I'm going to publish it here around March. Follow me on Newgrounds (or on my Facebook page, which is called "Interactales") to be informed when that happens - I'll publish a trailer in the next days.

Thank you for your review!

Shuriyuken!! This game is the bomb!! Great storyline with recrudescent yet original ideas!!!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!
As I wrote to another user before, a "spiritual" sequel to this game is now under production, featuring original characters and a story settled in feudal japan, and an upgraded version of this turn-based, martial arts oriented battle system.
I estimate it'll be ready by March, but If you want to be the first one to know when this game will be online, follow me here on Newgrounds, or like my facebook page "Interactales".

If you liked this game, you'll probably love the new one... even without Street Fighter characters ;)