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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

Made an account just to comment.

I played this game when I was really young and I enjoyed it. I came back to it today and again, I was left with a very good impression and satisfaction. This game also got me introduced to street fighter games. Though I am not good at it, I still play from time to time, after of these years.

I remember first beating Akuma when I was really young and I was so excited to play as him.
This game is very fun. Though I am not good with words and I lack expression in writing, but this is a very good game and I left me with memories.

Also, to anyone reading this comment, I will leave some helpful tips if you are stuck with an opponent.

Of course, the controls are just the arrow keys to blocking against an opponent ( up, right and down block, and you have to choose what direction to point to block) as well as attacking, in which is indicated what arrow key to press. Also, you just the mouse the select what you want to do.

If you are stuck, the best strategy is just to ONLY put points into your guard when you Level Up. This is because you regenerate the same percentage of guard when you select the guard option in combat. Therefore, when you guard, you able to take more hits, essentially. This works against the bosses such as Akuma, Gouken, Sagat and Vega.

As Ryu, to get all levels, you have to complete the story as well as defeat ken in the prologue and Evil Ryu ( comes after Akuma fight, regardless if you win or lose and also levels up Ken as well)
As Ken, you have to complete story line, defeat ken and Evil Ryu (if not already defeated)

When you beat Akuma, you unlock the option to face Gen. When you play against Gen, you play as Akuma, and you'll find that if you haven't leveled up your fighting techniques (combo) for Ryu and Ken, there are some moves that you aren't able to use. However, to unlock those, just put all of your points in combo in the Level Up Screen (which unlocks moves) for Ken and Ryu. There, you will unlock the rest of Akuma's moves. (Shun Goku is one hit kill and requires no arrows keys to attack).

That is just my two cents that I will leave here. I hope this helps anyone who maybe is finding difficulty in this game.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your very kind review, and for your suggestions!
Glad you had that much fun playing my game!

I left like, back a while ago, a review on your SF loa 2(bugged demo)

And now, for the sake of nostalgia, I've decided to replay this bugged but great masterpiece made by you as a fan.
I want to say 1 thing. This game... like, it sucks. I mean I love it, but... the whole situation sucks.
You quit on finishing this. This isn't fair for us. This needs to be finished.

I remember like, that a while ago, when I've played this back in like 2011 or so, I was reading the comments and saw how you replied to each individual, mostly letting us know that a 2nd part for this nicely, intelligently, artistically made flash, was going to be released soon. A few years later and, yes I understand, life happened, and you came to the conclusion that LoA won't have a 2nd part, but it will be left with this cliffhanger.

I want to say that I grew up in the age of Sega Genesis, and through all those well and nicely made games, I had this cartridge called Street Fighter: The New Challengers 2. So you can understand that it really made me feel nostalgic playing this, not only because I've played LoA back when it was released and few times after that, no... but it was AND because I was into SF since I was a child.

Yes this is a really selfish comment I know. I just want to say that I respect you, and the way you made this is, actually really incredible, just like a movie...YOU HAD ME THERE, mate... You TRULY, without EXAGGERATING, had me there, I was hit in the feels, I had a few chuckles here and there, I had goosebumps at times (RYU going into SATSUI NO HADO) but overall... If I were to choose... I would've never played this, since it has no sequel.

A lot of movies and series and even fan made games or flash movies (to name a few fanmades which gave me similar feelings - SMBZ/Sonic RPG and so on) which have no continuation or are just left unfinished, should I've never played or watched them in the first place. Even if they build me as a person, and probably leaving the series with a cliffhanger has the public more engaged with the actual movie/game and has the public thinking at it so much after the ending episode, still I'm left with a feeling of that I'm incomplete.

You made this so well, that I actually think of this as being truly the timeline of Street fighter.
I've actually looked it up and Gouken actually dies by Akuma. A very well made flash movie focusing on the youth of Ken Masters and Ryu. You get attached to the characters and, bro it really hits you in the feels.

I've wrote such a review because I just finished the game on the hardest level(again, for like the 4th time now), and also I see you actually engage with the fans for so many years... and I respect you for that as well.
The game basics and the style of RPG had me crazy, I love it so much and I saw that you are up to create a game as such (i don't know if I heard it correctly) STILL I AM focused on a potential LOA 2 to come out, but whatever you're going to release on Steam with this battle mechanism and cool story with original music / characters and so on, I'm just letting you know from now, that you can have my money.

I hate you, bye! (if u have discord lemme know privately, maybe u need a voice actor for your following games.)

Muja responds:

Hello there!
Sorry for my late reply, but I've had a few health problems during the past few months (nothing serious, I had to have surgery but all is well now!)

Now, to your review... I'm really glad you liked my game that much, and I'm quite sorry you felt betrayed by the ending..!
But let me explain, this is not an unfinished story. This game tells the story of young Ryu and Ken, how they lost their master and cemented their friendship in the meanwhile.
There's more after that? Sure, as Street Fighter is a ever growing franchise, but I can't be expected to tell ALL the story, or I'd never finish! Besides, it's not a story for me to tell.

This game's plot ends with a cliffhanger, true, but that's more of a way to tell you, the player, that SF will continue and to try out the other games in the franchise. Kind of a respectful way to say "Yeah this is only a fangame, if you want more try out the real deal".

By the way, yeah, I have all the intentions to make another game with the same-ish mechanic (maybe right after I release the Zombie Society game on Steam) but of course it won't be settled in the Street Fighter universe because I don't own the rights to that and the web is not as friendly to fangames as it was before.

So, stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

This was an amazing game
For a fan game it was absolutely fantastic and the rpg mechanics were novel like
Beating vega was insanely difficult but when i did it felt awesome.
I guess the only thing i could ever complain about this is how unbalanced is to put everything on guard and tank whoever (and how painfully is to beat any higher boss without doing so).
all in all this game was solid and i loved it

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your kind review, and sorry for the late reply!
I'm glad there's still people playing and enjoying this old game of mine... This was my first attempt at making a real game, and I always look at it with nostalgia.
Thanks again!

This game is amazing. The RPG elements are so perfect with the difficulty ramping up reasonably. Thanks creator. Have a great day.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
This was my first attempt at making a "real" game and I still look at it with some pride. Glad you had fun!

I love this game. It seems like all the effort needed was poured into this one game and its incomplete sequel. I enjoyed it and - I don't want you to be offended, but - I feel like those are the ONLY two games you put your effort in. Great job, and if you ever get back to working on the sequel, I'll be waiting.

Muja responds:

No offense taken, thank you for your nice review!

But truth to be told, I don't think it's a matter of "effort", but rather of "proportions". These Street Fighter games were projects on a larger scale, while I decided to focus on shorter stories for the Dead Detective series, in exchange for more content and episodes.

You'll see how much effort I've put on the Steam game :)