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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

really good game featuring young ryu and ken[my favourite].make a legends of ryu please.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
Unfortunately, I'm not going to work on a sequel to this game in the near future. In the FAR future, however... who knows :)

How do i beat vega.

Muja responds:

Hey there! Thanks for the five stars!

There's no ultimate solution to beat him, but I'd suggest you to:
- put all (or most of) your exp points in "Focus"
- learn Vega's attacks and, above all, his specials

Try until you defeat him! Ken will learn a new, powerful super art as a prize! :)

Not a bad game. I like Street Fighter, but tend to suck at fighting games, so it's nice to see a turn-based strategy game for Street Fighter Fans. That said, Akuma is absurdly powerful and I have no illusions that I will beat him, even on easy. Dude's straight-up broken. XD

The fact that you can't level grind by repeating the same matches is sort of double-edged for me; on one hand, it means I don't have to spend hours fighting the same boring, easy matches to get enough exp to take down the big boss. On the other, it means I WILL NOT BEAT AKUMA, EVER, AND SCREW ME FOR TRYING.

My biggest complaint is that only Ryu and Ken are playable. Don't get me wrong, Ryu's damn badass, but Ken is just about my least favorite SF character ever, mostly because he inevitably feels like a Ryu-clone. Would have much preferred having Chun Li, Cammy, Dhalsim or Blanka... maybe we'll get to use them in the sequel? :D

Muja responds:

Thanks for all the compliment! I'll answer to all your "questions".

Akuma IS insanely powerful. That's what his character is all about :D
And I tried to convey that feeling by making him very, very hard to defeat. But not impossible. Someone was able to do it. Let's say you need to put your exp points in the right places... and have a little of luck. But you can do it!
Think of the price: if you can defeat him, you can use Akuma himself in a final battle!!

Which brings us to the playable characters: I wanted to focus the story on the Ansatsuken, the ancient martial art that Ryu and Ken practice, because I thought the story behind it was very interesting.
Ken is not just a "clone" of Ryu, by the way: they're friends, brothers, and rivals. Their relationship is much, much deeper, and I wanted to explore it a bit.

And I wanted to make something GREAT for the sequel, that's for sure, but time passed, my priorities changed, and I don't have the time to work on it anymore - don't think I'll ever will.

It's a pity, but no sequel.
Thank you for playing nonetheless!!

you could make a new one. called" street fighter: legend of ryu or lor for short

Muja responds:

Ahah you like Ryu, don't you?
However I'm sorry to inform you that I'm not working on a sequel of this game right now, nor I will in the near future.
Thank you for your review!!

So, I finally completed EVERYTHING in the game (Yes, I mean everything, including Akuma and Gen), and I think what I got out of the experience was more than satisfying. However, I find it funny how I didn't realize the things you can level up aren't permanent until after I started over and got to Akuma again (Taking some advice from one of the people who beat Akuma).

Anyway, I love this game and what it offered. Let's hope you have more in store for something like this. Can't wait to play LoA 2. All in all, this game is great, and I'm glad I found it again.

Muja responds:

First of all, kudos to you for completing the game!
As for the stats, somewhere in the tutorial it is stated that you can always change them between fights. However you can only read the tutorial once in the beginning, so I can understand why you missed that.

A bad new is I'm not working on a sequel to this game anymore. I might use a similar battle system for a future, original game I have in mind. We'll see.
Thank you for your nice review!